Navi Disha- Agri

Navi Disha is an effort towards providing a proper direction to efforts being put for growth and individual self and family development.

We educate and support events for Home/Terrace Garden and Composting.

We encourage and believe in Organically growing our flowers, fruits, vegetables and other food items.

We conduct sessions on How we can do composting at home and support the cause of minimizing land-fill.

We like to exchange information and ideas for Home/Terrace Gardens.

Please feel free to contact us via our website


First step and major ASK of PARENTING is to “Become a CHILD”.


Let us walk this Journey together. 🙂

In case you or any of your friends or relatives are currently facing any parenting issues do feel free to connect with us for support and guidance. You can reach us via our website and use contact-us page to share your parenting issues. We will be happy to reach out to you to discuss possible ways in dealing and handling your specific issue.

We also conduct online parenting-workshops and seminars. If interested you can request to join such a workshop/seminar. We would be happy to share with you Online-meeting request for any such events.

All the very BEST and looking forward to hear from you.