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Under our Key PROJECT “Samajh Se Success” SSS, NaviDisha regularly conducts various free Workshops. Our primary objective is to ensure the participants define and understand the meaning of Success, they achieve their set-goals with basic understanding of “how to live life and achieve their dreams”. We are focused towards serving the larger society and ensure wider reach and benefit.

The idea and inception of “Samajh Se Success” started when we saw that people (students, parents, professionals) give-up-their lives (they become depressed, commit suicide, lose hope) in pursuit of and desire for success.

Well there is nothing wrong in aiming high and trying to achieve set-targets. But without a Basic Understanding, even if you achieve what you have set-the-target for, it eventually results in tragic-and painful end, like Engineering & Medical Students who have cleared their Entrance Exam taken admission in well-known institutes leave it midway or commit suicide.

The Workshops are primarily conducted Online via Zoom or Google-Meet and are mostly in English, Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi. One can select the language of their choice while filling of the form and their registration will be confirmed accordingly in the session.

Workshops are conducted over the Weekends, primarily in Afternoon or late evenings. The duration of one session of the workshop is 30 minutes. There may be multiple-sessions linked into/with each workshop, however ONE SESSION will be of 30 minutes each.

You can register below

Topics Objective Register Link
Understanding My-Fears & My DreamsIn this workshop the participants learn about themselves, their fears and their dreams. What is the reason behind the fear? What dream motivates them? How the mind works and the mechanism that can help MASTER the mind
Registration Form for “Understanding My-Fears & My Dreams”
Skill Development SessionThis workshop(s) are specific to individual’s need for skill development. Depending on the Registration Form for Skill Development Session
Confidence Building WorkshopThe participants get a chance to understand themselves better, identify one area where they think they need to build confidence and then we work together in taking steps which will help boosting and building the confidence.
Registration Survey-Form for Confidence Building Workshop
Career Advice for Kids age 15+ Workshop with Parent and ChildWorkshop on How-to-Choose best Career for yourself / support your child in choosing it.

* First session is conducted for Parents
* Second session is to be participated by Child/Children of those whose Parents have attended the First Session
* Third session is for the Parent and Child together
* Fourth session is for the process of decision-making
* Fifth session is for sharing the results of the Decision and outcome of the actions taken.
Parenting Workshop for Young Parents – Kids age New-Born to 10 yearsThese sessions are generally grouped into batches
* What is Parenting
* Parents of toddlers
* Parents of School-goers
* Parents of middle-school
* Parents of teens
Registration Form of Parenting Workshop for Young Parents
Help me Solve “This One Parenting” issueFor your individual situation, you can approach us with your specific “One Parenting issue” and together we will work-together to understand (a) the underlying reason of the issue (b) various possible ways of addressing the issue Contact-Us
One-To-One Coaching & Grooming for IndividualsThis is a committed duration program where after first assessment, various sessions will be conducted as per requirement. A strong commitment from participant is prerequisite for this ProgramContact-Us
List of NaviDisha Workshops
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