NaviDisha Ramakada Library

Learn thru Games at NaviDisha’s Ramakada Library.

We encourage children to play the game of “never-give-up”, concentration, I-CAN attitude, analyzing and taking the next step. Children look forward to the sessions of Toy (RAMAKADA) Library.

They have fun and in the process learn much required life-skills.

Each Game-session is supported with “what we learned” discussion. The child understands and shares what s/he liked about the game, how s/he has improved, the reason he/she thinks is helping him.

It’s interactive session and not just the kids but also the Volunteers look forward to be part of such sessions.

here are some of the pics of such sessions. Hope you too enjoy the pics.

Do share and spread happiness. DONATE your old TOYS that are in working-condition. Our RAMAKDA Library will be best new-home for them.

Children Meditation – 202107

Free Meditation – class & weekend drive for children from low income family, with an intention to bring stability in thought process & behavior.

15 children from age range 8 years to 15 years, for every weekend (Saturday & Sunday) in July 2021, a total of EIGHT SESSION.

Samajh-Se-Success (SSS)

સમઝન થી સફળતા

समझ से सफलता

Samajh Se Success (SSS)

Under the umbrella of NaviDisha we present you program Samajh-Se-Success SSS. This program is for those who want to become successful in a Goal they have set for themselves ( Be it clearing an entrance exam or Business-target) .

The sessions are and will continued to be conducted every Weekend. They are and will be a series of sessions conducted thru Google-meet/Zoom.

If you want to become part of this program as a participant, please Register for one of our programs or write to us with your name, your email, your goal/objective and time-duration you want to achieve that goal.

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