Journey from “I Can’t” –> “Yes, I did it !” – 202110


Journey from “I Can’t” to Yes, I did it !

See my journey from “I Can’t” to “Yes, I Did IT!”

Which Step ARE YOU AT RIGHT NOW ? How Our “maan/Chitt” works….

Hi, I am NaviDisha Child.

Let me share my Journey (and many like me) about how we learn important life-skills and transform behavior pattern at NAVI-DISHA

THE JIGSAW PUZZLE of Mind – our sessions of October 2021

I was disappointed the first time I played Jig-saw puzzle toy. I couldn’t do it. I found the task to be so difficult that I requested Didi to give me other game to play. Didi sweetly encouraged me to keep trying, instead of switching the toy. I did not like the idea, but I continued. Again after some time, I had this idea of wanting to switch the toy. Didi reminded me of the “Check, Baani kya mutthi?” She helped me “logic kya hai?” , she provided a “hint” and then encouraged me to continue.

Hesitantly I continued. Using the trick/logic/hint I struggled for some more time. Again a doubt came and I said “One piece is missing”, “This game cannot be completed”. Didi smiled lovingly. She simply said – “Try”

Then she asked me –> “Ok If Didi or one of my friend can complete the game, will it prove that “all required pieces of puzzle are available and no-piece of puzzle is lost”? I had to choose to “quit” or “continue & give it one more try”

Didi encouraged me to keep trying. And as we had done the CHART of “Which Step are you at?” in our previous class, it reminded me of how my “Maan/Chitta” mind was playing it’s trick on me

Finally I was able to complete Jig-saw puzzle

& with a big smile I said – “I did it, so now give me another game/toy”

I was so eager to try other game/toys

To my surprise Didi, quickly jumbled the jig-saw and asked me to rearrange.

I started again, without any complaint. I was confident that I will be able to do it, since I had done it once.

So I was able to arrange the jig-saw with a lesser complexity. In fact, now I was observing the picture extremely focused attention.

We all and I too realized that in lesser than a previous time, I was able to arrange the jigsaw.

A THIRD time…

This time, as I started arranging the jigsaw a third time, Didi clocked the time. To my surprise, I was able to arrange jigsaw within less than a minute. Wow….. I was super thrilled and beamed with joy

Didi explained that same thing happens when we attempt to learn something new – a new chapter in our school subject, or learning to ride a cycle, or any thing that we try to learn or do new (first time).

We all are filled with NEW CONFIDENCE and promise to remember “WHICH STEP AM I ?”

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