OCT 2021 – I choose my step

Batch 23rd & 24th Oct 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm

I Can’t” to I CAN & BEYOND !

We started coming to NaviDisha, as all we wanted to do was to play games/toys. What we didn’t realized that, it’s not the number of (how many) games we play, it’s how we approach and play, that’s where real mastery lies.

Which Step ARE YOU AT RIGHT NOW ? How Our “maan/Chitt” works….

THE JIGSAW PUZZLE of Mind – our sessions of October 2021

Engrossed and busy trying to figure out “How do I do it” ?

We fumbled at times,

Sometimes one of us decides to quit… But our teacher always encourages us not to quit. She gives us hints about “how mind is tricking us” & she asks us – “Which step do you choose to be at ??”

We learn to observe the picture with a focused attention.

Super thrilled and beaming with joy

same thing happens when we attempt to learn something new – a new chapter in our school subject, or learning to ride a cycle, or any thing that we try to learn or do new (first time).

We promise to remember “WHICH STEP AM I ?” & choose which step I decide to be at.

Learning is FUN 🙂

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